Australian F1 Grand Prix 2018


Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton had a successful outing when racing at the Albert Park in Australia, but his counterpart (but also teammate) Valtteri Bottas did not as he had crashed (shown below).

Bottas was pushing the throttle too hard when he was coming into the turn which leads the vehicle to lose control and crash and to make matters worse the tires do not help with traction as they have no tread on them. For the Mercedes team, it was nothing to worry about, as Lewis Hamilton made sure he & Mercedes finished at the top of the pole.  Lewis Hamilton also broke lap record time and finished the lap in one minute and 21.164 seconds, you can watch the record-breaking lap below.

Ferrari’s Vettel and Kimmi showed some great as both of them did show impressive speeds on the track, but still were not able to take down Mercedes top man Lewis Hamilton. Vettel finished second and Kimmi had finished third in the final standings in the pole.  Although it is the beginning of the season for the F1 drivers, it will be a long and rigorous season where all of the teams will encounter some setbacks.

Although today’s Australian Grand Prix was to see who would qualify for tomorrows office race (starts at 1:10 AM EST), I do not expect the pole positions to be any different from today. The only thing that Mercedes has to remember is since Bottas did not finish the race due to the accident, The pressure is on for Lewis Hamilton to come on top for team Mercedes.


I think it would be pretty cool to check out the F1 Grand Prix in Montreal when it happens on June.10th, something on my bucket list that I want to check out.


What are do you guys think as F1 as a sport? do you think it still will be around even after all of our cars become electric? (would be pretty weird watching cars race in pretty much license).




Hollywood Welcomes Zlatan!


Zlatan had made his announcement in the most Zlatan way possible (while announcing it in the L.A Times), let me show you what I am talking about.


Zlatan is known to have a huge ego with the media, some absolutely hate it and some just love it and have even created fan pages on Twitter (check out the link, I genuinely laughed at most of them).  Here is of Zlatan reading at some of the tweets:


Zlatan coming to the MLS is a great move for the league. Many of the Europeans do make fun of us North Americans and the MLS league as it is not as competitive compared to the European leagues. Many of the European superstars come here as they can see their careers coming to an end soon. The European like to call the MLS the retirement league since, within the last 5-6 years, the likes of David Beckham, Roy Keene, Frank Lampard,  and Andrea Pirlo decided to end their careers in the MLS.

It is interesting how Zlatan and Manchester United agreed to terminate Zlatan’s contract, I would have thought Jose Mourinho would have played Zlatan more in the games as he has been healthy and still is a lethal number 9 on the pitch when playing. Zlatan did win the Europa League last year with Manchester United, but his ultimate goal was to win the Champions League. He has played with many great European clubs but failed to win any silverware when playing in the Champions League. It was a shame that Zlatan was not able to play in the last round of eliminations of the Champions League when Manchester was knocked out by Sevilla.

What do you guys think about Zlatan coming to the MLS to play? Should of he stayed in Europe? Do you think its good for the MLS and North America has our Soccer culture is developed even more? let me know in the comments!

Personally, I am excited to see him when he plays Toronto FC! get see European superstars play in Canada (meaning I don’t have to spend money buying expensive tickets to watch a game in Europe… or flight tickets… or hotel/Airbnb … I think you get the point).

But Here is Zlatan’s announcing his arrival to Los Angeles in the most Zlatan way.

LeBron James Shuts Down the Raptors

Last night the Raptors played against the Cavs, and it was a high-intensity game, but The Raptors lost 132-129 against the Cavs. When LeBron is playing against other teams, they will always suffer, unfortunately, and last night that’s that what happened with the Toronto Raptors. When you try to double team him, you leave other players open that can either shoot a three-pointer or drive into the paint.


Sometimes he is so good, that just to mock his opponents he will even do a little dance like the one below!

Last night the Raptors managed to blow a 15 point lead in the third quarter against the Cavs. The Raptors were playing horrible defence, Allowing the Cavs to shoot 60% from the field! The Raptors need to understand Defense is very important, or else when it comes to the post-season they might face the wrath of LeBron in the playoffs if they meet. Toronto needs to be more physical when playing, or else the opportunities will present itself to the opposing team.

But what every team is trying to do is that they are trying to understand LeBron James IQ and how he makes plays. Last night he was able to manage put up 35 POINTS 17 ASSISTS WITH 0 TURNOVERS. This man is just unstoppable, If you double team him then he will make these mind-boggling passes, if you let him drive to the hoop then he will use his gifted strength and speed to get the bucket, and you will want to make sure you’re not in the way of him or else you could get hurt.

The scary part is the older LeBron gets, the better he is performing… just like when wine ages, it tastes better. Usually the older you get in the NBA, the less efficient you are on the floor. If the Raptors are trying to go to the finals, they will have to get past LeBron. He has been to that last 7 straight finals and yet I am still waiting for someone to get past him.


LeBron to the Eastern Conference trying to pass him and go to the NBA finals:

What do you guys think? Who do you think will be able to dethrone LeBron James in the eastern conference? You think the Raptors can do it this season and win the championship? let me know in the comment section!

Messi Breaking Records… Again!

Leo Messi played a great match against Chelsea FC. While scoring 2 goals he literally was breaking records and making good with the promise he made.  First, he managed to score 100 goals in the Champions league only in 122 games.  Messi also mentioned that he was certain that he would score a goal for his newborn son, as he has also scored the last two times when his other two sons were born. Messi also help Barcelona’s new 147 million Euro (not joking about that price) signing Dembele score his first goal with Barcelona, which was really good for him as he has been struggling with injuries this year, and the pressure and expectation from fans does not help when you are playing with the worlds best team.

At the 0:43 mark in the video: While Barca was creating a play, it was tight and with one touch passing, and lots of defenders in the area, yet Messi was still able to score on a very tight angle, but scoring through the goalkeepers leg (worst thing to happen to goalies).

At the 1:55 mark in the video:  Messi was leading the counter-attack with Suarez at the top, but Messi was able to anticipate where Dembele would be, as he is a speedster down on the right wing. Messi assisted Dembele with his first goal after lots of obstacles that came in Dembele ways as he tries to fit into the Barca team

At the 4:33 mark in the video:  Messi was just humiliating Courtois, again scoring against him, and making sure the ball goes through his legs… which again is a goalie’s worst nightmare when they are scored on. Messi also has an advantage since shorter people are able to run faster while having a low centre of gravity, which allows more balance… hence more quick cuts with the ball.


Honestly what is surprising is Messi does all of this on a daily basis, he contributes to the team, is humble, and always puts his team ahead of his personal agenda, which are all attributes of making him the greatest player to ever play soccer.

Do you agree? let me know in the comment section!

NBA Players Finally Open up With Personal Mental Health Issues

Recently, two NBA players had opened up with mental health issues that they were facing. First DeMar DeRozan posted a tweet:


The outcome was very positive from fans with tweets such as “You got us, the whole city.” which is very true. Toronto Raptor fans love DeMar DeRozan as he is one of the greatest players we have had in the franchise. Kevin Love also opened up with regards to the panic attacks that he had last month and had left in a middle of a game.



Kevin Love opening up about his panic attack.


I think it is great for superstar athletes to open up about mental health issues. It can be a real eye-opener to others showing that even when you’re successful and doing something you love, mental health issues can appear and it is better to be dealt with so it does not affect you in the long run. When athletes talk about mental health issues, it does open up doors for other athletes to who may have been scared to open up about it and get the help they need. It also in the best interest of the team to make sure that the players have resources available for mental health because if an athlete is suffering from a mental health issue, it will affect their performance during the game and the potential win for the team. Players at the end of the day are humans, and it is a great way to start a conversation of how we as a community are able to deal and cope with mental health issues as no human can have a perfect life.


If you are someone may be affected by a mental health issue, check out McMaster’s student wellness website as they have great resources and have people to speak with to help you.

F.C Barcelona Just Hang In There Against Chelsea Draw (Champions League)


Barcelona had played the first leg of Chelsea game in the champions league quarterfinals match. It was an intense match and important match for Barcelona. While Messi had finally achieved a personal objective, scoring against Chelsea as it was the only premier league team he had not scored against. Coming up in the next fixture at Camp Nou when these teams play against each other, what Barcelona will have to do is either defend for an entire 90 minutes as Barcelona leads the fixture in away goals and also find opportunities to break Chelsea’s strong defence. Chelsea was unlucky a few times as they hit the woodworks quite a few times (posts), as they could of then easily scored many more goals. Barcelona’s midfield has seemed exhausted and was not able to produce as many chances to score as they are used to when fully fit and energized. Something Barcelona will have to do in the next leg is to put pressure on Chelsea so that they are able to create more chances to score goals. Barcelona will most likely run a 4-4-2 Formation, which then leaves all the scoring to Messi and Suarez up at the front. One of the key players for the next match will be S. Busquets as he is an anchor when playing the defensive midfield position, he is able to intercept passes and stay on his man, while also cutting up passing lanes. Really hope Barcelona is able to score and win so that the team is able to go to the next round, Barcelona is having a strong season, and winning a Treble (La Liga, Copa Del Rey & Champions League) does look possible, but it will be very hard… I mean Barcelona has done it twice already, what is stopping them from doing it again?


LeBron James willing to listen to the Golden State Warriors?

Rumours are pretty typical in any sports league, I personally think that it is half of the fun whether you support (or don’t) the team, it gets all of the fans active in the community talking and voicing their opinions. Stephen A. Smith going off below.

If LeBron James went to the Golden State Warriors (GSW), then I personally think this would be bad for the NBA from a business point a view. The reason I think that is because if LeBron James is arguably the best basketball player to play the game, and him joining GSW with a team that already has 4 All-Star players (with Kevin Durant being one of the best scorers of the game, and Steph Curry being regarded as the best 3-point shooter in the game) , along with Klay Thompson who is also a very good shooter, and Draymond Green, a very strong defensive player. If all these players were to play together then there would be balancing issues regarding team skill (literally the top players in the league vs the rest), and honestly, I do not know if I would watch the NBA as I would find no fun in watching it as each game would be predictable and the finals would result in predictable results. If the other teams try to compete against LeBron and the GSW, teams would have to overcome the salary issues as all All-Star players want the most money with GUARANTEED CONTRACTS, and convincing players to take pay cuts is pretty hard, as some would become unmotivated to compete for an NBA championship, rather just play for the money. In the end, who would really be affected is LeBron James and his legacy in the NBA. All the rings he would win after would not be considered legitimate since he joined an All-Star Team (GSW). If he does join GSW and wins multiple rings, his legacy will be questioned, as some will view him smart and the greatest player to play, while others will disagree and call his move cowardly.



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