Madrid Derby!

Well on Sunday it was the both Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid were playing each other. As a Barcelona Fan, it was a fun match to watch as Real Madrid rivals were in a sticky situation. If Real Madrid lost/ drawn, then the team would fall into 4th place widening the gap between league leaders Barcelona and Real Madrid, but if they won the match then the team would have to give a guard of honours when facing each other in El Classico (Barca vs Madrid).

Guard of honour is looks something like this:

It is where the team congratulates and applauds the opponent coming onto the pitch. But I mean can see why Real Madrid will not give the guard of honour to Barca. It is just an ego problem with the team, as they still consider themselves the better team and will not really acknowledge their archrival as Barca and Madrid are the top teams in the world.

Back to the match, both teams walked away with a point each, but Barca has an eleven point lead in the table from Altheltico Madrid. Madrid had many shots on net but would either hit the woodworks (posts) or Oblak would save them. The team seemed to be playing off the counter-attack method which usually works best for Real Madrid.

Counter Attack works best for Madrid just because of Ronaldo’s and Bale’s strength and speeds down the flanks, and also the defensive wingers Carvajal and Marcelo are able to push up with the team and create chances mainly from crossing the ball into the box and hoping with Ronaldo height to head the ball in.

Atletico Madrid is more of a defensive team overall, so the played defensive and again create their chances to score off counter attacks, but the main man to lead to counterattack was Griezzmaan and hoping he can stick the ball in the net.

Here is the highlight of the match! lots of opportunities for Madrid!


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