Barca Knocked Out of the UCL!!!!


I honestly do not know what had happened between Roma versus Barcelona. According to ESPN Barca had a 98% chance of going into the next round!

I guess anything is possible, do not let numbers fool you but all I have to say is that I am kind of upset. Barcelona had such a great season going this year, but one bad performance messed up the dream of a treble-winning season (Winners of Champions League, La Liga and Copa Del Rey).

As I started to watch the game at the end I could see the last minute push the team was trying to make, desperate attempts to get shots on the net and get any foul calls from the ref. All Barca needed was one goal regardless if they would be down 3-1 this game since in the Champions League you play two games and use the total of both scores to determine the winner. Last week Barca was able to win to win 3-0, and today Barca ended up losing 3-0. The aggerate score had become 3-3 but since Roma was able to score on “away goals” they had the advantage to advance.

Congrats to Roma, they played an excellent game and were obviously the better team in today’s match, so they deserve to go to the next round. As for Barcelona, hopfully with the integration of Couthinho (he cannot play this season as he was transferred mid way through the season from a different team, has to wait next season) he can help our aging midfield, and bring some life into it so that Barca can continue to create chances, and not always rely on Messi doing the heavy work of carrying the team on his back. As Barca this season has strengthened their defensive, the focus is now on midfield, but time will tell how it will be when Couthino is able to play in the Champion League with Barca.


In other news, I would like to quickly talk about a blog post that has inspired me to continue making blog posts. Charles Barkley use to play in the NBA and is considered one of the greats even though he did not win a championship. Now he is an ESPN live on national tv.  Charles Barkley’s has a WordPress blog site (more of videos as his style of blogs) but he talks about a lot of issues/topics in the NBA, and he is himself when talking about the issues/topics. That is what I like when people talk about the subject in depth and also do not sugar coat the topic. It has inspired me to write about all sports with the truth and trying not to show bias when writing.

Check out his site!







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