McGregor Needs To Calm Down

Recently McGregor the UFC fighter, and the one who fought Floyd Mayweather in the fall, stormed a press conference and try to address his beef by throwing objects at his bus and injuring few people which later had to be taken to the hospital.

Here is a video of the incident:


An arrest warrant was issued for McGregor in the State of New York, and also his private jet was grounded not allowing him to fly out of the country.  He later had turned himself into custody and then posted bail to leave jail and fly back to Ireland.

I personally am disgusted by McGregor’s actions. He could have handled this in a much better way if he wanted to deal with his beef with other fighters on the bus. McGregor has a family, a newborn son and should not be acting like this. He does have the opportunity to fight legally in the UFC but chose not to. Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg both picked up injuries in the incident and neither will be allowed to compete at UFC 223 on Saturday night. Which is not fair to them since they must have trained hard for months and will now not be able to fight nor earn the money they would have got on Saturday’s fights.


McGregor now has to do damage control with his brand image as I am sure has lost many fans. Even including the police chief who was after him told Dana White (CEO of UFC) that he was a huge fan, but not anymore. I am sure he will have lawsuits handed to him now after the incident but I think he will be fine as he was able to get a nice cheque for over $100 million dollars from his last fight when facing Floyd Mayweather. With that money, he will be able to get some good lawyers that probably will be able to drop the lawsuits and charges against him.





  1. lighteningmcparm · April 10, 2018

    Followed this story on Twitter, found all the reactions super interesting. There were a lot of people that supported McGregor and saying he’s the type of friend you need in your life.

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