Will Real Madrid Win Anything this Season?

Real Madrid has gone from having an excellent season last year to a horrible season this year. Being one of the top 3 clubs in the world does not help with the pressure for the players. Currently, things are looking grim for Real Madrid. They are out of the Copa del Rey tournament and also are unlikely to catch up to the league leaders and arch-rivals Barcelona. There is about 11 point difference and the season is about to come to a close.

So what can Real Madrid win? well, the presence of the team has not changed in the champions league. They are dominating the league and advancing to the next round with ease. With the twelve champions league trophies, Madrid has dominated the tournament over the years.

So what will be the key for Real Madrid to win the champions league once again? it is to make sure all their players stay healthy and not get injured while also rotating players as each player can perform better against certain teams. Madrid is in a weird position. They got talented young players, but also have the best players that are in their prime age. As a coach, it is important to develop a young player by playing them more often so that they can understand  and gain experience when playing a game, but it is also important for the senior players to play since when playing at a team like Real Madrid, it is important to win (as it is their main objective).


What do I recommend if I was the coach? Rest the senior games against games where the opponent is not as skilled as Real Madrid, and also when the team is playing big games such as champion league matches, make sure you use your subs on the young player. To show the young players you have trust in their ability to play and perform. In soccer you can have three subs to make, I would use two and keep the third one as a backup for injuries.


But in all honesty, the team looks like they are in top form, and Ronaldo is here to prove it with the amazing bicycle goal he scored against Juventus:


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