225 Million Euros paid to Aquire a Player?

In the summer of 2017, The world of soccer saw a blockbuster move. It was Neymar Jr. leaving Barcelona to Paris St. Germain. Neymar is regarded as one of the best players after Messi and Ronaldo. He is a fast player that can do flashy moves and score.

Neymar’s buyout in his contract was set to 225 million Euros, Barcelona thinking no one would pay that high of a price for a player, but PSG is owned by a Qatari bank, which in reality means that they have lots of money on demand to buy any player.

There was a huge drama that went down with the transfer saga. Barcelona would not accept the buyout clause cheque from PSG, so Ultimately what went down was Neymar had to bring his personal cheque pay the buyout clause in his contract, and later be paid by PSG of the amount owing.

I personally think buying a player for that much money is pretty absurd. That money could be been better spent on other global issues. Spending that much money on a player really does blow my mind. With that money, PSG could have done good in the world such as opening soccer camps and facilities around the world. Many young kids around the world love to play soccer and sometimes they cannot play due to the nature and circumstances of their life, or they play in poor conditions.

I personally if I was in the FIFA governing body would make a rule/limit on how much a player can be bought for since I personally believe from a moral standpoint of view that much money should not be spent on a player as it will not really do good to the world.

But on the other hand, If I was been offered a salary of 700,000 euros a week, with access to private jets, and other assets to strength my personal brand, I would also be tempted to make the switch (from an athletes perspective of view).


I know many others will think it perfectly fine, and they are entitled to feel like that, but This is how I feel about the move.




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