Barcelona Almost Lost It’s Winning Streak!

Barcelona has a winning streak of 37 games (the number does include draws), and they almost lost it to Sevilla when they played against each other in the La Liga match.  The first goal that was scored against Barcelona was a defensive error as the man markings were not done right, which then let Sevilla create a huge gap and space to score against Barcelona.  (Watch at 10 second part after you will see the goal)


With the second goal that was scored against Barcelona (0: 40-second mark in the video) I personally think that was just sloppy defending done by the team.  As Ter Stergn was out of the box trying to make the save (as he had no choice due to the spacing of the opponent), Pique was forced to go in the net and protect it as much as he could. Keeping in mind if he tried to save the ball with his hand it would be an automatic handball which then would result in a red card, leading him to miss matches (up to 3 game ban) and also Sevilla would of got a pentalty.  I personally believe Umititi was at fault for the second goal as you can see him jogging and not sprinting to help defend. If he could be been there before then the team would be in a different situation.


But during the second half of the game (near the 75th min mark), The saviour of Barcelona (literally) had come on to help make sure Barcelona score a goals and create plays for his team. Messi the man who saved Barcelona.

Even though Suarez was able to score off a corner kick in the 89th minute of the game and gave Barca momentum to attack, Messi had managed to score at the end of the match from outside of the box with a low sublime curved kick with the ball. He made it look so easy,  but in reality, scoring like that in FIFA is actually pretty hard but Messi makes it look like its nothing. (Goal at the 1:24 mark in the video).


It just shows how lucky Barcelona is to have Messi, and how he shows the club loyalty and vowing he will always want to play with Barca, and I personally can not wait to see him play live in person in Spain!




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