Injuries Haunting Joel Embiid at a Young Age!



He injured again! The injuries are stopping Joel Embiid from showing what he can do as an upcoming star centre! He was previously drafted #1 for the Philly as the team was tanking and rebuilding its young core. Before the first season even started he didn’t even get to play as he required surgery on his foot, which resulted in him being sidelined for over a year.

While he was off the court he was very active on social media. One of his popular antics was him trying to score a date with Rihanna! I mean it was worth a try but you unsuccessful, but honestly it was so entertaining that I started laughing at his interactions of trying to score a date with Rihanna.

Philly has been rebuilding for the past couple of years and all of their top draft prospects had been injured. The team this season has been playing well as the seed as the team has been playing together (all the drafts) and in the 4th seed.

Here is the video of Joel getting hurt:


As it had been a long and gruelling rebuild for the 76ers, Joel Emiid famously said “Trust the process” Joel himself will have to trust the process again of him healing from the injury and coming back to try to make it to the playoffs. Markelle Fultz was a top draft pick but had an injury at the beginning of the season. Fultz was slowly adjusting himself back into the team but looks like he injured teammate Embiid. Embiid has received a successful injury to repair his fractured orbital left eye.

After the surgery the team had released this statement:


I personally think this is isn’t that bad for the Embiid and the team as I do not expect the team to make a deep run in the playoffs. Bunch of young guys that have no playoff experience. So if Embiid is not able to play, at least the team will understand how playoff games add more pressure and explain it to Embiid, and obviously practise and get better over time.

All Embiid can do is rest and recover while he trust’s the process!


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