Can Atlético Madrid Stop Griezmann From Leaving?

Atlético Madrid got a big problem on their hands right now, The team’s superstar striker Griezmann is rumoured to leave the team (hand in a transfer request) to another team as he wants to win trophies. There have been reports that He has been in touch with F.C. Barcelona as his release is very cheap at the moment as it stands only at 100 million Euros (When I mean cheap, I mean it by today’s standard in the market… He is a steal at that price).

As Griezmann ages, like most players, he wants to win trophies and unfortunately his team Atlético Madrid are in an era where F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid have been dominating the team whether its a league game, Copa Del Rey game or even a Champions League game. As Real Madrid has had a presence since the 1900’s of being one of the best teams in Europe, and F.C. Barcelona also have been dominating since the late 2000’s.

Reports are suggesting that Barcelona may acquire Griezmann but to me, it makes no sense as I do not see him fitting into the team. You already have dominant players like Messi and Suarez who want the most touches with the ball. I feel Griezmann would not fit into Barcelona’s style of play or be able to have the chemistry like Suarez and Messi have… they literally are best friends off the field, live close to each other and come and go to games/practises together (#BFFGOALS).

I honestly think if Griezmann wants to leave, he should go play with Manchester United. Why? I really want to see him and Paul Pogba play together as its already fun enough watching their celebration. Pogba made the dab pretty famous… let me show you:


and here is Griezmann with the hotline bling:



It’s probably just me, I enjoy these cool celebrations, and how teammates can come up with cool ones together.


What do you think? should Griezmann stay, or go to Manchester United? Let me know in the comments!


(hope this made you laugh!)


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  1. nancyshealthyrecipes · April 9, 2018

    Great video clips

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