Injury Bug Hitting Golden State Warriors Steph Curry

Injuries can be the worse thing for any athlete or team since it can pretty much jeopardize a teams position of making a championship run. Right now The Golden State Warriors are facing that exact same problem right now. Last week they pretty much had their whole starting lineup injured (which consist of all-star players).

A huge blow that The Golden State Warriors are suffering right now as they have recently found out that Steph Curry has an MCL sprain and further MRI will be done to determine the exact amount of time he will miss. I personally would say Steph Curry should be able to come back in the first round of the playoffs but it is a delicate matter as you do not want to rush a recovery of player, but when you are at an all-star calibre like Stephen Curry, then you always want to come back and play so that they can make a contribution to their team.

Golden State Warriors are testing out new technology (I mean there are in pretty near Silicon Valley, a tech hub for the world) where they collect data from there players when in practice and games to see if the players are giving their 100 percent during games and practises. It has been said that the technology is a chip in the shoe and compares data from previously before. Some reports have been suggested that this device can even focus and see what muscles are working harder then other in order to see if they can prevent injuries. As much as that sound greats, currently I am very skeptical about it, and how it can sense what muscle the players are using and if it is been overused where an injury can occur.I think it would be great if the technology does exist, as it can prevent many serious injuries that can have a lifetime impact on the player’s career.

What do you guys think? can we really create a technology where you can place a chip and the chip can determine what muscles are being used (and to determine if an injury is possible)/ if the athletes are giving their full 100 percent?

Is it fair to the athletes? (risk of being accused of not giving their full 100%  during game/practise when an athlete might be?) let me know in the comments! curious about what you guys think!



  1. thedivineprovidence · March 26, 2018

    That technology sounds interesting and I think it would definitely take sports to a new level. I also think that unless it was used for injury prevention, it would create a lot of added stress for players. No one can give it their all all day every day and I don’t think it’s fair for players to be judged on that. I’m curious what will become of this! What’s your personal opinion?

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    • thescorestop · March 26, 2018

      Although I do agree with you about how it can add lots of stress on the players, and they can judged from many to regarding their performance, these all star players are getting $200+ million dollar (average player can get about 70-120 million) 5 year contracts from the teams (and in the NBA the contract is GUARANTEED), and when a player is earning that type of money, I expect the the best and 100% of effort every single game as they no reason no to give their 100% (obviously doesn’t can’t for those external factors that we can’t control in life).


      • thedivineprovidence · March 26, 2018

        I get that they should be doing their best, but the majority of the time they are. In addition to that, they have stats and other ways of tracking their performance. Why should a player be looked down at by the couch because he only gave 95.26%?

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      • thescorestop · March 26, 2018

        Yes I’m not disregarding the other stats , but sometimes when it crunch time in a game , a players action/mood/attitude can dictate the outcome, and to those diehards fans it would make them frustrated if they lost because off sloppy defence or whatever the case may be.

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      • thedivineprovidence · March 27, 2018

        Ok I hear where your coming from. I just think if they started this software, they would never be able to know the exact reason anyways. And if their attitude does mess up their game a few times, there’s not much that can be done. I am curious to see what will happen 🙂

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      • thescorestop · March 28, 2018



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