Barca Knocked Out of the UCL!!!!


I honestly do not know what had happened between Roma versus Barcelona. According to ESPN Barca had a 98% chance of going into the next round!

I guess anything is possible, do not let numbers fool you but all I have to say is that I am kind of upset. Barcelona had such a great season going this year, but one bad performance messed up the dream of a treble-winning season (Winners of Champions League, La Liga and Copa Del Rey).

As I started to watch the game at the end I could see the last minute push the team was trying to make, desperate attempts to get shots on the net and get any foul calls from the ref. All Barca needed was one goal regardless if they would be down 3-1 this game since in the Champions League you play two games and use the total of both scores to determine the winner. Last week Barca was able to win to win 3-0, and today Barca ended up losing 3-0. The aggerate score had become 3-3 but since Roma was able to score on “away goals” they had the advantage to advance.

Congrats to Roma, they played an excellent game and were obviously the better team in today’s match, so they deserve to go to the next round. As for Barcelona, hopfully with the integration of Couthinho (he cannot play this season as he was transferred mid way through the season from a different team, has to wait next season) he can help our aging midfield, and bring some life into it so that Barca can continue to create chances, and not always rely on Messi doing the heavy work of carrying the team on his back. As Barca this season has strengthened their defensive, the focus is now on midfield, but time will tell how it will be when Couthino is able to play in the Champion League with Barca.


In other news, I would like to quickly talk about a blog post that has inspired me to continue making blog posts. Charles Barkley use to play in the NBA and is considered one of the greats even though he did not win a championship. Now he is an ESPN live on national tv.  Charles Barkley’s has a WordPress blog site (more of videos as his style of blogs) but he talks about a lot of issues/topics in the NBA, and he is himself when talking about the issues/topics. That is what I like when people talk about the subject in depth and also do not sugar coat the topic. It has inspired me to write about all sports with the truth and trying not to show bias when writing.

Check out his site!







Madrid Derby!

Well on Sunday it was the both Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid were playing each other. As a Barcelona Fan, it was a fun match to watch as Real Madrid rivals were in a sticky situation. If Real Madrid lost/ drawn, then the team would fall into 4th place widening the gap between league leaders Barcelona and Real Madrid, but if they won the match then the team would have to give a guard of honours when facing each other in El Classico (Barca vs Madrid).

Guard of honour is looks something like this:

It is where the team congratulates and applauds the opponent coming onto the pitch. But I mean can see why Real Madrid will not give the guard of honour to Barca. It is just an ego problem with the team, as they still consider themselves the better team and will not really acknowledge their archrival as Barca and Madrid are the top teams in the world.

Back to the match, both teams walked away with a point each, but Barca has an eleven point lead in the table from Altheltico Madrid. Madrid had many shots on net but would either hit the woodworks (posts) or Oblak would save them. The team seemed to be playing off the counter-attack method which usually works best for Real Madrid.

Counter Attack works best for Madrid just because of Ronaldo’s and Bale’s strength and speeds down the flanks, and also the defensive wingers Carvajal and Marcelo are able to push up with the team and create chances mainly from crossing the ball into the box and hoping with Ronaldo height to head the ball in.

Atletico Madrid is more of a defensive team overall, so the played defensive and again create their chances to score off counter attacks, but the main man to lead to counterattack was Griezzmaan and hoping he can stick the ball in the net.

Here is the highlight of the match! lots of opportunities for Madrid!

McGregor Needs To Calm Down

Recently McGregor the UFC fighter, and the one who fought Floyd Mayweather in the fall, stormed a press conference and try to address his beef by throwing objects at his bus and injuring few people which later had to be taken to the hospital.

Here is a video of the incident:


An arrest warrant was issued for McGregor in the State of New York, and also his private jet was grounded not allowing him to fly out of the country.  He later had turned himself into custody and then posted bail to leave jail and fly back to Ireland.

I personally am disgusted by McGregor’s actions. He could have handled this in a much better way if he wanted to deal with his beef with other fighters on the bus. McGregor has a family, a newborn son and should not be acting like this. He does have the opportunity to fight legally in the UFC but chose not to. Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg both picked up injuries in the incident and neither will be allowed to compete at UFC 223 on Saturday night. Which is not fair to them since they must have trained hard for months and will now not be able to fight nor earn the money they would have got on Saturday’s fights.


McGregor now has to do damage control with his brand image as I am sure has lost many fans. Even including the police chief who was after him told Dana White (CEO of UFC) that he was a huge fan, but not anymore. I am sure he will have lawsuits handed to him now after the incident but I think he will be fine as he was able to get a nice cheque for over $100 million dollars from his last fight when facing Floyd Mayweather. With that money, he will be able to get some good lawyers that probably will be able to drop the lawsuits and charges against him.



Will Real Madrid Win Anything this Season?

Real Madrid has gone from having an excellent season last year to a horrible season this year. Being one of the top 3 clubs in the world does not help with the pressure for the players. Currently, things are looking grim for Real Madrid. They are out of the Copa del Rey tournament and also are unlikely to catch up to the league leaders and arch-rivals Barcelona. There is about 11 point difference and the season is about to come to a close.

So what can Real Madrid win? well, the presence of the team has not changed in the champions league. They are dominating the league and advancing to the next round with ease. With the twelve champions league trophies, Madrid has dominated the tournament over the years.

So what will be the key for Real Madrid to win the champions league once again? it is to make sure all their players stay healthy and not get injured while also rotating players as each player can perform better against certain teams. Madrid is in a weird position. They got talented young players, but also have the best players that are in their prime age. As a coach, it is important to develop a young player by playing them more often so that they can understand  and gain experience when playing a game, but it is also important for the senior players to play since when playing at a team like Real Madrid, it is important to win (as it is their main objective).


What do I recommend if I was the coach? Rest the senior games against games where the opponent is not as skilled as Real Madrid, and also when the team is playing big games such as champion league matches, make sure you use your subs on the young player. To show the young players you have trust in their ability to play and perform. In soccer you can have three subs to make, I would use two and keep the third one as a backup for injuries.


But in all honesty, the team looks like they are in top form, and Ronaldo is here to prove it with the amazing bicycle goal he scored against Juventus:

225 Million Euros paid to Aquire a Player?

In the summer of 2017, The world of soccer saw a blockbuster move. It was Neymar Jr. leaving Barcelona to Paris St. Germain. Neymar is regarded as one of the best players after Messi and Ronaldo. He is a fast player that can do flashy moves and score.

Neymar’s buyout in his contract was set to 225 million Euros, Barcelona thinking no one would pay that high of a price for a player, but PSG is owned by a Qatari bank, which in reality means that they have lots of money on demand to buy any player.

There was a huge drama that went down with the transfer saga. Barcelona would not accept the buyout clause cheque from PSG, so Ultimately what went down was Neymar had to bring his personal cheque pay the buyout clause in his contract, and later be paid by PSG of the amount owing.

I personally think buying a player for that much money is pretty absurd. That money could be been better spent on other global issues. Spending that much money on a player really does blow my mind. With that money, PSG could have done good in the world such as opening soccer camps and facilities around the world. Many young kids around the world love to play soccer and sometimes they cannot play due to the nature and circumstances of their life, or they play in poor conditions.

I personally if I was in the FIFA governing body would make a rule/limit on how much a player can be bought for since I personally believe from a moral standpoint of view that much money should not be spent on a player as it will not really do good to the world.

But on the other hand, If I was been offered a salary of 700,000 euros a week, with access to private jets, and other assets to strength my personal brand, I would also be tempted to make the switch (from an athletes perspective of view).


I know many others will think it perfectly fine, and they are entitled to feel like that, but This is how I feel about the move.



Barcelona Almost Lost It’s Winning Streak!

Barcelona has a winning streak of 37 games (the number does include draws), and they almost lost it to Sevilla when they played against each other in the La Liga match.  The first goal that was scored against Barcelona was a defensive error as the man markings were not done right, which then let Sevilla create a huge gap and space to score against Barcelona.  (Watch at 10 second part after you will see the goal)


With the second goal that was scored against Barcelona (0: 40-second mark in the video) I personally think that was just sloppy defending done by the team.  As Ter Stergn was out of the box trying to make the save (as he had no choice due to the spacing of the opponent), Pique was forced to go in the net and protect it as much as he could. Keeping in mind if he tried to save the ball with his hand it would be an automatic handball which then would result in a red card, leading him to miss matches (up to 3 game ban) and also Sevilla would of got a pentalty.  I personally believe Umititi was at fault for the second goal as you can see him jogging and not sprinting to help defend. If he could be been there before then the team would be in a different situation.


But during the second half of the game (near the 75th min mark), The saviour of Barcelona (literally) had come on to help make sure Barcelona score a goals and create plays for his team. Messi the man who saved Barcelona.

Even though Suarez was able to score off a corner kick in the 89th minute of the game and gave Barca momentum to attack, Messi had managed to score at the end of the match from outside of the box with a low sublime curved kick with the ball. He made it look so easy,  but in reality, scoring like that in FIFA is actually pretty hard but Messi makes it look like its nothing. (Goal at the 1:24 mark in the video).


It just shows how lucky Barcelona is to have Messi, and how he shows the club loyalty and vowing he will always want to play with Barca, and I personally can not wait to see him play live in person in Spain!



Injuries Haunting Joel Embiid at a Young Age!



He injured again! The injuries are stopping Joel Embiid from showing what he can do as an upcoming star centre! He was previously drafted #1 for the Philly as the team was tanking and rebuilding its young core. Before the first season even started he didn’t even get to play as he required surgery on his foot, which resulted in him being sidelined for over a year.

While he was off the court he was very active on social media. One of his popular antics was him trying to score a date with Rihanna! I mean it was worth a try but you unsuccessful, but honestly it was so entertaining that I started laughing at his interactions of trying to score a date with Rihanna.

Philly has been rebuilding for the past couple of years and all of their top draft prospects had been injured. The team this season has been playing well as the seed as the team has been playing together (all the drafts) and in the 4th seed.

Here is the video of Joel getting hurt:


As it had been a long and gruelling rebuild for the 76ers, Joel Emiid famously said “Trust the process” Joel himself will have to trust the process again of him healing from the injury and coming back to try to make it to the playoffs. Markelle Fultz was a top draft pick but had an injury at the beginning of the season. Fultz was slowly adjusting himself back into the team but looks like he injured teammate Embiid. Embiid has received a successful injury to repair his fractured orbital left eye.

After the surgery the team had released this statement:


I personally think this is isn’t that bad for the Embiid and the team as I do not expect the team to make a deep run in the playoffs. Bunch of young guys that have no playoff experience. So if Embiid is not able to play, at least the team will understand how playoff games add more pressure and explain it to Embiid, and obviously practise and get better over time.

All Embiid can do is rest and recover while he trust’s the process!

YouTube TV Land Sponsor deal with the NBA! What Does This Mean for The Future?

YouTube TV gets to be the official presenting sponsors for the NBA finals, while so being able to present on YouTube TV NBA G league games and the Women’s NBA league games.  YouTube TV will also have their logos on the courts and website.

This is a pretty interesting move done by YouTube TV, it essentially would be creating a pathway of all sporting events streamed online. Slowly people are getting rid of cable since a lot of the content is available online for platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus and other streaming services. Cables companies are probably scrambling right now and thinking how they can move with technology and bring everything online while being a relevant company.

If YouTube TV can profit from this, I think this can open up the doors for NFL, MLB, MLS and NHL to also stream the games online. It just would be more convenient for people to able a game on their phone, or on their smart TV. If the fee was reasonably cheap, This would be a service I would pay for since I can access any league game from one app, that is in HD quality. I would probably be willing to pay up to 60 bucks a year per league (only would by the NBA pass) to watch the games from anywhere I want.

Some of the questions I have is, how will they stop those who watch streams illegally? There are many people who watch from illegal streams which result in profit loses for the leagues. There are steams that support the pirates!

But the real question is will the pirates ever stop the illegally streaming? My answer is… Internet Pirates have ethical morales! Right? maybe not…

Let me know what you guys think!


Can Atlético Madrid Stop Griezmann From Leaving?

Atlético Madrid got a big problem on their hands right now, The team’s superstar striker Griezmann is rumoured to leave the team (hand in a transfer request) to another team as he wants to win trophies. There have been reports that He has been in touch with F.C. Barcelona as his release is very cheap at the moment as it stands only at 100 million Euros (When I mean cheap, I mean it by today’s standard in the market… He is a steal at that price).

As Griezmann ages, like most players, he wants to win trophies and unfortunately his team Atlético Madrid are in an era where F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid have been dominating the team whether its a league game, Copa Del Rey game or even a Champions League game. As Real Madrid has had a presence since the 1900’s of being one of the best teams in Europe, and F.C. Barcelona also have been dominating since the late 2000’s.

Reports are suggesting that Barcelona may acquire Griezmann but to me, it makes no sense as I do not see him fitting into the team. You already have dominant players like Messi and Suarez who want the most touches with the ball. I feel Griezmann would not fit into Barcelona’s style of play or be able to have the chemistry like Suarez and Messi have… they literally are best friends off the field, live close to each other and come and go to games/practises together (#BFFGOALS).

I honestly think if Griezmann wants to leave, he should go play with Manchester United. Why? I really want to see him and Paul Pogba play together as its already fun enough watching their celebration. Pogba made the dab pretty famous… let me show you:


and here is Griezmann with the hotline bling:



It’s probably just me, I enjoy these cool celebrations, and how teammates can come up with cool ones together.


What do you think? should Griezmann stay, or go to Manchester United? Let me know in the comments!


(hope this made you laugh!)

Injury Bug Hitting Golden State Warriors Steph Curry

Injuries can be the worse thing for any athlete or team since it can pretty much jeopardize a teams position of making a championship run. Right now The Golden State Warriors are facing that exact same problem right now. Last week they pretty much had their whole starting lineup injured (which consist of all-star players).

A huge blow that The Golden State Warriors are suffering right now as they have recently found out that Steph Curry has an MCL sprain and further MRI will be done to determine the exact amount of time he will miss. I personally would say Steph Curry should be able to come back in the first round of the playoffs but it is a delicate matter as you do not want to rush a recovery of player, but when you are at an all-star calibre like Stephen Curry, then you always want to come back and play so that they can make a contribution to their team.

Golden State Warriors are testing out new technology (I mean there are in pretty near Silicon Valley, a tech hub for the world) where they collect data from there players when in practice and games to see if the players are giving their 100 percent during games and practises. It has been said that the technology is a chip in the shoe and compares data from previously before. Some reports have been suggested that this device can even focus and see what muscles are working harder then other in order to see if they can prevent injuries. As much as that sound greats, currently I am very skeptical about it, and how it can sense what muscle the players are using and if it is been overused where an injury can occur.I think it would be great if the technology does exist, as it can prevent many serious injuries that can have a lifetime impact on the player’s career.

What do you guys think? can we really create a technology where you can place a chip and the chip can determine what muscles are being used (and to determine if an injury is possible)/ if the athletes are giving their full 100 percent?

Is it fair to the athletes? (risk of being accused of not giving their full 100%  during game/practise when an athlete might be?) let me know in the comments! curious about what you guys think!